Be an Earth Steward

Create your Daily Light Footprint Living Intentions. My 'Light Footprint Intentions.
Carry your own Cup! Eliminate paper cup & plastic bottle use.
Enjoy Earth Steward Walks - demonstrate loving stewardship of the earth : )


- Slow down to breathe, walk and respect the earth, and clean up any observed litter.

- Demonstrate responsibility for the earth and our actions on her. Know you are one with the earth.

- Offer friendly community outreach to encourage earth awareness and lighter footprint living every day (eg., 'bring your own cup' practice to eliminate disposable paper cups and plastic drink bottles; 'bring your own cloth bag' to eliminate plastic bag use, eat local organic food, use carshare, public transit, bicycle, etc).

Main focus will be on public space clean-ups (eg., along waterfront trails and parks).


Earth Steward mission: Reclaim 'walking in peace, balance and beauty' on mother earth, demonstrate loving respect and earth stewardship, and encourage a 'litter free' culture and light footprint daily choices.

Be an Earth Steward! : ) Together we can make a big difference! We can live more gently on the earth every day, and ensure a healthy, clean environment for the future!


Earth Steward Walks:
Sun June 25/2017 (noon - 4pm)
- Earth walk litter clean-up along a 11km walk to a wonderful Indigenous Arts Festival (at Fort York), Toronto.
Wed June 14/2017 (7:30 - 9pm) - Kew Gardens green space clean-up, Toronto.
Thurs June 8/2017 (9:45am-noon) - Green space and beach clean-up at Purple Park/Balmy Beach, end of Silver Birch Ave., Beach area, Toronto.
Sat June 3/2017 (10am - 3pm) - Joined "Love your Lake" cleanup effort at Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine Beach area, Toronto. Please learn more about "A Greener Future" cleanup efforts and mission.
Sat May 20/2017 (1-3pm) - Green space clean-up west of Leuty pavilion, Beach, Toronto.

What to Bring:

Own gloves and litter collection bag if/as needed. Own reusable drinking water container.
If possible, arrive by foot, bike or public transit to cultivate light footprint living and simplicity : )

Start an Earth Steward Walk or Activity in your own area! : )


Learn more about an inspiring light footprint Community: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
A creative off-grid community that uses about 10% of the average North American energy footprint! : )


“Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor all with whom we share the Earth. Walk in balance and beauty.” ~Native American Elder wisdom

Mni Wiconi (Lakota for “Water is Life”)

Live Aloha ʻĀina, Mālama ʻĀina - Love the land, take care of the land. (Hawaiian cultural values)

Earth Steward Bag handpainted by Irena Bliss


Irena Bliss