Be an Earth Steward

Love, respect, and take care of mother earth today. Honour your sacred connection to all life.

Some suggestions:
Create Daily Light Footprint Living Intentions.
My 'Light Footprint Intentions.
Carry your own Cup - Carry a reusable drinking container and help eliminate disposable paper cup & plastic bottle use.
Enjoy Earth Steward Walks - Demonstrate loving stewardship of the earth.

Earth Steward Walk Intentions:

- Slow down to breathe, walk, give thanks and respect the earth, and clean up any observed litter.

- Demonstrate responsibility for the earth and our actions on her. Know we are one with the earth.

- Offer friendly community outreach to encourage earth awareness and lighter footprint daily living (eg., 'carry your own cup' practice to eliminate disposable paper cups and plastic drink bottles; 'carry your own cloth bag' to eliminate plastic bag use; eat local/organic; use carshare / public transit / bicycle / walk / hike / canoe, etc).


Earth Steward mission:
Reclaim walking in harmony, balance and beauty on mother earth.
Demonstrate gratitude, loving respect and stewardship of the earth.
Encourage a 'litter free' zero-waste culture, and light footprint living daily choices.
Cultivate sacred connection and 'right relationship' with mother earth and all of life. Understand we are all one.

Be an Earth Steward! : )  Together we can shift and live more gently on the earth every day. Let us ensure a healthy earth for future generations!


Earth Steward Walks:

Please continue earth steward walks in your community.
I like to earth steward walk every day : )  Some earlier earth walks:

Sun June 25/2017 (noon - 4pm) - Earth walk litter clean-up along 11 km stretch, heading to the Indigenous Arts Festival (at Fort York), Toronto. Thank you, Miigwech to the Mississaugas of the Credit River First Nation, the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinaabe, the Wendat, and other Indigenous peoples (circle cultures), for your beautiful example of earth stewardship and sacred relationship with all of life, on these lands for thousands of years.
June 14/2017 (7:30 - 9pm) - Kew Gardens green space clean-up, Toronto.
June 8/2017 (9:45am-noon) - Green space and beach clean-up at Purple Park/Balmy Beach, end of Silver Birch Ave., Beach area, Lake Ontario, Toronto.
June 3/2017 (10am - 3pm) - Joined "Love your Lake" cleanup effort at Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine Beach area, Lake Ontario, Toronto. Please learn more about "A Greener Future" cleanup efforts and mission.
May 20/2017 (1-3pm) - Green space clean-up west of Leuty pavilion, Beach, Lake Ontario, Toronto.

What to Bring:

Own gloves and litter collection bag if/as needed. Own reusable drinking water container.
If possible, arrive by foot, bike or public transit to cultivate light footprint living and simplicity : )

Start an Earth Steward Walk or Activity in your own area! : )


Learn more about Indigenous peoples, wisdom and teachings locally in your community.
Support grassroots organizations like Idle No More etc., and UNDRIP, that honour Indigenous peoples culture and rights, including land rights and right to self-determination, and recognize their loving earth stewardship.
Learn more about light footprint living in community, for example:
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
An intentional off-grid community that uses about 10% of the average North American energy footprint! : )


“Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor all with whom we share the Earth. Walk in balance and beauty.”   ~ Turtle Island Indigenous Elder wisdom


Mni Wiconi (Lakota for “Water is Life”)


Aloha ʻĀina, Mālama ʻĀina - Love the land, take care of the land. (Hawaiian cultural values)

"Respect and gratitude were the values that guided us, respect and gratitude to the land and all it contained, to our families and the people who came before us, and to the Creator for all that was given us. Woven through these values were certain fundamentals: courage and patience, sharing and self-reliance." Crees of Iiyiyuuschii, James Bay Eastern Cree; Source:


Thank you, Mahalo, Hvala, Miigwech dear Mother Earth for your great beauty and sustenance.


Earth Steward Bag handpainted by Irena Bliss


Irena Bliss